SOLD: Fun Hamster or Gerbil Habitat

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Description: This better-than-a-starter setup allows for a great deal of interaction with your hamster or gerbil and a clear view of all of his hysterical climbing antics. Complete hamster set up includes 20 gallon tank, 2-tiered metal topper, platforms and ramps, silent wheel, ceramic food bowl, 8 ounce water bottle, and hamster bath. Also includes an unopened bag of Oxbow Essentials – Hamster/Gerbil Healthy Handfuls food–an excellent diet for a newly-purchased hamster or gerbil. Bedding and hanging chew toy in pictures are for staging purposes only–you’ll want to buy those new and change them up frequently for your hamster’s (and your own) enjoyment. Not suitable for dwarf species, but perfect for Syrian, or Teddy-bear, hamsters! Looking for something smaller? Check out this listing.

Assembled dimensions: 20″ w x 22″ h x 10″ d

Condition: excellent.

Payment: Cash and carry.

Delivery: Pickup only, near Virginia Center Commons.

Want it or have a question about it? Contact us.

Final Sale.


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