SOLD: Solid Oak Daybed Frame

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Description: solid wood daybed frame with metal deck; no boxspring needed, which means lots of storage space underneath for toys, trundle, or out-of-season clothes; very sturdy piece of furniture–has lasted through years and is ready for more; disassembled and ready to load in your truck, van, or SUV.

Condition: distressed with use (and some abuse); nicks, scratches, and a few marks.

(Pop-up trundle unit also available.) 

Payment: Cash and carry.

Delivery: Pickup only, near VCU Campus, just off of Broad Street.

Want it or have a question about it? Contact us.

Final Sale.


7 thoughts on “SOLD: Solid Oak Daybed Frame

    • Hi Jan,
      It is still available at the moment. I wish I had taken measurements before we packed it away for our move, but I didn’t think we’d be listing it for sale at the time! Please figure 75″x39″ for the mattress deck, plus about 6-7″ on each end for the curved portions of the bed frame. I apologize that I don’t have better measurements for you!
      Mrs. B.

  1. Was wondering if this was still available, as well as the pop uo trundle? If they are, how much do you want for both?

    • Hi Kelly,
      Thanks so much for asking, but we just sold this a couple of days ago, as a matter of fact. I think we had a buyer in the works for the pop-up trundle as well, but hubby will have to confirm.
      Mrs. B.

      • Darn…I would still be interested in the pop-up by itself if it is available. Thanka for the reply!

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